12.201-12.501: Essentials of Geophysics
Undergraduate / Graduate class
Prerequisites: 8.02, 18.03
Units: 4-0-8
Overview of basic topics in solid-earth geophysics, such as the Earth’s rotation, gravity and magnetic field, seismology, and thermal structure. Formulation of physical principles presented in three 1-hour lectures per week. Current applications discussed in an additional 1-hour tutorial each week.

12.510: Introduction to Seismology
Graduate class, but open to undergraduates
Prerequisites: 18.075 or 18.085
Units: 3-0-9
A basic subject in seismology and the utilization of seismic waves for the study of the Earth’s interior. Introduces techniques necessary for understanding of elastic wave propagation in layered media. Seismic-ray theory and interpretation of travel times. Surface-wave dispersion and layered media. Seismicity, earthquake magnitude, moment, and source properties.

12.570: Seminar on topical issues in global Geophysics
Every other year Harvard and MIT organize a joint seminar/lecture series on a topic in global geophysics that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Participants include students, post-docs, research staff, and faculty from Harvard, MIT, and other nearby institutions and universities.

Graduate class, but open to undergraduates
Prerequisite: permission of instructor
Units: to be arranged

Spring: Thermal and Chemical Evolution of the Earth
The main objective of this cross disciplinary course is to understand the historical development and the current status of ideas and models, to present and question the constraints from the different research fields, and to investigate if and how the different views on mantle flow can be reconciled with the currently available data.

Topics from previous years:
Spring 2000: Core-Mantle Interactions
Spring 1998: Mantle Convection
Spring 1997: Continental Roots